Felicity Roche


Felicity Roche


  • BME 12/22


Felicity Roche is a student of the Wheaton College Conservatory outside Chicago, IL where she has studied music education and voice for four years. There, she has participated in the opera program, taken voice pedagogy courses, founded a barbershop singing group, and collaborated in various classical and contemporary church worship settings. She also has ample experience assisting in various classroom settings, composing, and conducting. Whether instrumental or choral, innovative or traditional, Felicity enjoys making all kinds of music with others.

Felicity believes that singing is a holistic process, and that students' minds, bodies, and hearts all have an important role to play. In her teaching, she hopes to enable students to be independent musicians who can confidently use and hone their gifts. Felicity looks forward to student teaching in the fall and graduating in December.