Harmonyville 01625

by Jay Ford, Director on March 9, 2022

This month we are going to turn from Intervals for a moment so I can write a review on a wonderful book titled Harmonyville 01625.

Harmonyville 01625 is a book authored by Jon Damian. It is humorous, fun, creative and educational.

Harmonyville is a town. A musical town where all the residents are chord symbols. Totally zany as we live the interactions and the ups and downs of its residents. A fascinating and educational look at how these chord forms interact with each other in day-to-day life in this mythical musical community.

A totally fun read I recommend this book for all musicians of all instruments.

A little history, Jon Damian was my guitar instructor and Mentor from my first day until I graduated from Berklee College of Music. His influence is present every time I pick up my instrument and teach my private lessons at The Music Maker School.

You can order the book at: jondamian.com. (Tell Jon I said hi!)


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