More Intervals

by Jay Ford, Director on February 28, 2022

In the January Blog I wrote about Diatonic intervals. It is equally important to understand the intervallic possibilities of the notes not contained in the key or the (non-diatonic intervals)

During your music lessons it is always important to have some music theory incorporated so the student can start to develop an understanding of the language of music and what they are playing on their prospective instrument.

Continuing with the key of C Major if we look at the five notes not diatonic to the key they are identified as follows:

C to Db is the interval of a minor 2nd (-2)
C to Eb is a minor 3rd (-3)
C to F# is an Augmented 4th (+4)
C to Gb is a Diminished 5th (dim5th)
C to Ab is a minor 6th (-6)
C to Bb is a minor 7th (-7)

As you can see intervals diatonic to the key are Major or Perfect. Intervals non-diatonic to the key are Minor, Augmented or Diminished.

When I'm teaching in my studio at The Music Maker School this is the point in the lesson that my student invariably asks why Perfect intervals are Perfect?

I will write about that next month. For now, memorize and play the Diatonic and Non-Diatonic intervals for all twelve keys.

At the Music Maker school all the teachers will incorporate Music Theory when applicable during the student's lessons. I encourage all students to incorporate Music Theory during their lessons.


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