Using Major and Minor Scales

by Jay Ford, Director on December 29, 2021

Scales in general have a multitude of uses.

Player's study Major and Natural Minor Scales to know all the notes contained in the twelve Major and Minor Keys. As musicians we practice all the Major and Minor scales on our perspective instruments so we can play fluently throughout any key.

Chords are derived from scales. (More on that later). They are used in creating melodies and improvisation.

Let's think about melodies. Major Scales evoke happy uplifting melodies. By contrast Minor Scales create sadder, ominous sounding melodies. Traditional Melodic, Harmonic and Melodic Minor scales allow further enhancement and variation of Minor harmonic and melodic movement.

Experiment creating both Major and Minor melodies. Explore melodic movement by using notes close to one another and using notes far apart with large intervallic leaps between them.

Do you like Major or Minor?

More next time. Happy New Year!

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